By Patrick Manteiga

Published Friday, October 19, 2012

State Representative District 57

Democrat Bruce Barnett is a Florida native, veteran, holds an MBA and manages logistics for a trucking company. He is smart and very progressive. He would oppose corporate tax cuts and use the revenue to boost Florida’s education system. He would push to collect the taxes due from internet sales and then eliminate the non-defensible sales tax exemptions.

Barnett is a compelling candidate. He’s even a little more liberal than us, believing college tuition should be free. He is certainly more liberal than most of his district, which covers Fish Hawk, Valrico, and the southeast corner of our county.

His Republican opponent is Jake Raburn. He is also a Florida native. He is the grandson of former Tampa City Councilman and Tampa Fire Chief Ronnie Mason and the son of Buddy and Susan Raburn, who both served as principals of local schools. He married into the Hinton family, who are well-known farmers.

Raburn seems poised to live up to his great pedigree. He wants to strengthen Florida farms. He wants to improve Florida schools. He is open to learn about what he doesn’t know, but also brings to the table expertise on his district’s number one economic engine – agriculture.

He is a conservative who is reasonable, responsible and smart. Raburn is a good match for his district.

La Gaceta strongly endorses Jake Raburn for State House District 57.