Jake Raburn on the Issues


    • Keep taxes low and reduce government spending
    • Reduce costly regulations that burden business
    • Support research and development partnerships for new and existing industries
    • Energy Independence – Invest in research for developing alternative energy sources

Smaller Government

  • Eliminate duplication of regulation and combine agencies with common goals
  • Keep all government functions accountable by examining how tax payer money is spent


  • Provide a better education, which empowers students to be proficient in life skills and enables them to pursue their dreams.
  • Support teachers and administrators through training and professional development

Public Safety

  • Sufficient funding for law enforcement, firefighters & EMS
  • Sufficient funding for prosecutors who put criminals behind bars
  • Support legislation to keep dangerous criminals behind bars


  • Support the research and development that enables our farmers and ranchers to sustain our growing population, diversify their operations and remain competitive in a global market.
  • Recognizing that agriculture is one of the main pillars of Florida’s economy, we need to take a common sense approach of empowering our farmers and ranchers to safely and sustainably run their operations – boosting our local economy and ensuring that we are producing the safest, most affordable food and fiber in the world.